Braided Victorian Hairstyle

This tutorial is for a Victorian up-do. I saw this hairstyle from the movie “Young Victoria” and I thought it would be a good hairstyle to add to my blog, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Let’s begin

Step one ~ Part two sections from the top of your head then down to your ears then braid them both going down in front of your ears.

Step two ~ Make a pony tail a little bit higher then a low pony tail and then braid it.

Step three ~ Turn your pony tail into a bun.

 Then pin it.

Step four ~ Grab the two sections from the front and pin them to the sides of your bun.

So you now have a darling Victorian hairstyle.

Cute! <><


3 thoughts on “Braided Victorian Hairstyle

  1. I love this style and it’s perfectly period appropriate. I worked at an 1830’s era living history museum this summer and this was one of the styles that we were allowed to wear. This was considered a “fancy” hairstyle – one that was more everyday had the front braids go straight back to the bun instead of looping around the ears. Great work!

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