Medieval Double Braided Bun

This is a tutorial for a medieval inspired hairstyle.

Let’s begin.


 Step one ~ Make two high piggy tails at the back of your head, divide two sections on each pig tail, one should be thicker then the other. With the thin section of hair rope braid it and with the thicker section English braid it.

Step two ~ Wrap the rope braid around the English braid like a bun on both sides.

Step three ~ Pin them in place.

This is what it should look like.

Step four ~ Grab your English braid and loosely wrap it over the opposite bun.

Step five ~ Pin the braid and the ends around the bun.

Now do the same with the braid on the other side.

You now have a beautiful medieval inspired hairstyle but if you would like to dress it up you could add some rose hair pins to your hair do.

Step six ~ To make the rose hair pins all you need is a packet of silk roses from your nearest craft store and hair pins. Slide a hair pin through a petal on the back of a rose and then slide it into your hair.

Put a few more roses in and you have a lovely colourful hairstyle <><

4 thoughts on “Medieval Double Braided Bun

  1. I’m so glad I found this site! I have waist-length hair and never do much more with it than a simple braid. I love the old-fashioned hairstyles but don’t have the patience to figure them out myself. Please keeping posting, especially more medieval styles, and maybe ones for extra long hair. Thanks!

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