Civil War "Little Women" Inspired Hairstyle

This hairstyle is inspired by the 1949 “Little Women” film, I hope you’ll try it.

Let’s begin…

Step one ~ Tie your hair in a mid pony tail (make sure your pony isn’t too high or too low).

Step two ~ Tie a hair tie around the pony tail close to the end.

Step three ~ Going along under the hair, pin the bottom hair tie to the top hair tie (this will form a sort of puff).

Your hair should look like this.

Optional, tie a pretty ribbon around the hair tie.

Step four ~ On both sides evenly pull the sides of your puff up along the side of your head then pin in place.

Hooray your done, now you can go to a fancy dress party as Jo March or any of your favorite Little Women characters. Hope you try it <><

7 thoughts on “Civil War "Little Women" Inspired Hairstyle

  1. Aw thank you, I watched Little Women some nights ago for the 1000th time and I’ve always admired Jo’s lovely hairdo when she’s in New York. I almost burnet my brains trting to figure out how it was made!
    Thank you!!

  2. I’ve tried to do this hairstyle several times (my just washed to pre-washing, to see if it makes any difference) but it won’t work for me… 😦 My hair is too heavy I think, or maybe too oily, or even too slippery? I’m not sure. The sides of the puff that need to be pinned up don’t take the rest with them. I just have these strands pulled up and the rest hanging where it was before. Any tips/ideas on how to remedy that?

    • Hi Anneke!! Thank you for your comment! Yes, your hair is probably slipperier than mine. In this case in the tutorials forth step, complete the step, then you could try gradually working the fallen hair up, then pin underneath the last pin and continue until you have all your hair splayed out nicely. Also teasing your hair will help and a lot of hairspray 😉 Thanks again and I hope this helps!! Samantha 🙂

  3. I like the Little Women story too. I do a hairstyle where I make two ponytails and pretzel them around each other. then I add a hairnet on top of the knot and and wear a thumbprint pienetta above that.

  4. When I worked at a wild west re-enactment town we would use a snood and just fold our hair into it and pin it in place. Made many snoods with inherited round doilies and ribbon woven through the outer edge and then pulled tight around the hair.

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