Classic Regency Hairstyle

This tutorial is for a classic regency bun.
 let’s begin…

Step one ~ Part two sections of hair from the top of your head all the way down to your ears, then tie them out of the way just for now.

Step two ~ Twist the back section of hair up, then in to a bun.
Pin it in place.
This is what you should have.
Step three ~ Take your front sections of hair and at one section at a time twist them a little and wrap them around your bun.

Pin it in place.

Your done! Now you have a classic regency up-do that you can pretty much wear any where.

lovely <><

3 thoughts on “Classic Regency Hairstyle

  1. Thank you very much for these lovely tutorials ^^ I’m a big fan of the regency and victorian hairstyles, and this blog is very helpfull.

  2. I really love that bun. It is more natural and prettier than the sock buns you see all time on youtube. And it is historical and I love to mix modern things with victorian things. I always wear skirts and I love black clothes. I like elegant things and your blog is just perfect. I wear that bun and the braided bun everyday thank you very much for sharing!

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