Curly Regency Hairstyle

This tutorial is for a curly regency up-do. For this hairstyle you’ll need curly hair, so if you don’t have naturally curly hair you could curl your hair with soft rollers or a curling iron. Your hair doesn’t have to be super curly because were going to enhance the curls with hair pins. Hope you try this style. Enjoy.

Lets get started.

Step one ~ Part two sections of hair from the top of your head all the way down to your ears, then tie them out of the way just for now.

Step two ~ Twist the back section of your hair up to the top of your head then pin at the side of it.

Step three ~ Roll each curl with your fingers and then pin them in place.

Step four ~ Add an elegant head band to your hairstyle and make sure your two front sections of hair are still in their original place.

Step five ~ Take your front sections of hair and at one section at a time twist them a little and wrap them around your bun and then curl the ends with hair pins.

You are finished! Now you have a beautiful regency hairstyle that looks very elegant at every angle.




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