Elegant Curly Gibson Tuck Hairstyle

This tutorial is for a Curly Gibson Tuck Hairstyle. I hope you’ll try it!


Let’s begin


Step one ~ Part the front section of your hair beginning from behind your ears to the top of your head on both sides, then tie them out of the way for now.


Step two ~ Tie your hair in a low mid pony tail.


Step three ~ Pull the hair tie along with the pony tail up to the center of the head.


Step four ~ Part a gap above the hair tie.


Step five ~ Pull over your pony tail and tuck Half of it in to the little gap you made before.



Step six ~ Pin near the bottom of the remaining hair.





 Step seven ~ Let all the hair fall and grab small sections of hair, smooth them out and roll them into little curls then pin.


This is what you should have 🙂



Step eight ~ Grab the front sections then twist them a little,  pin them at the back of your head, then curl them just like how you did with the other curls, pin in place.




Add a few pearls . . .


You now have a very elegant Edwardian up do <><

7 thoughts on “Elegant Curly Gibson Tuck Hairstyle

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to try it out. 🙂

    I just have a question: how does this style look from the front? I would assume that there would be a center-part because of how you twist the front section.

    How would it look with a side-part?

    Adi (basicallycreativeme.blogspot.com)

  2. Okay. I just tried your tutorial and I am now very mad at my hair for being long and curly and uncooperative. Any suggestions for getting long and curly hair to cooperate?

    Much appreciated,
    Adi (basicallycreativeme.blogspot.com)

    • Hi Adi! Thank you for trying out my hairstyle!! I did this hairstyle with a side part but middle would be fine too. For your uncooperative hair it may take some time to master this hairstyle, as I too have long curly hair and it kept falling out when I first tried it. The only advice I can give is for step three you may need to play around with the positioning of the height of where you pull your pony, whether higher (better for long hair) or lower (for short hair)


  3. Omgoodness… this is… I’m lost for words. Absolutely amazing!!! I was going to have my hair cut this week, but I will so try this first. 🙂

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