Curly Regency Up-Do

This is a tutorial for a regency hairstyle that was inspired by Elizabeth Bennet’s hair in the 1995 Pride and Prejudice BBC mini series. Enjoy!


Let’s begin.


Step one ~ Part the front section of your hair beginning from behind your ears to the top of your head on both sides, then tie them out of the way for now.



Step two ~ Tie the back section of your hair in a high pony tail and divide a small section at the top and tie it out of the way for now.

Just before we go on, if you don’t want the face framing curls in this hairstyle, grab your two front sections then twist them a little and wrap them around your pony tail’s hair tie.



Step Three ~ With the hair in the larger section of the pony tail divide it into three sections, two of them will be equal amounts and one slightly larger. Grab one of the smaller sections, then twist it a little and wrap it around your hair tie pinning as you go.


Grab the other smaller section and repeat the last step.


Step four ~ Now grab the larger section and repeat the last step, make sure all the ends are tucked in.



Step five ~ Now grab the small section (that we tied off from the start) and divide it into two sections then curl them both. Try to intertwine them together after curling.





Step six ~ Section some small neat parts in the front face sections and divide that section further into three, then curl them.



Step seven ~ Continue until all hair is curled.



Step eight ~ If your curls are too long pin one of the upper or middle kinks of the curl to your head.


Yay! We’re done. You now have a lovely, elegant hairstyle.





Now not only your fine eyes will be pleasing to Mr. Darcy 😀

16 thoughts on “Curly Regency Up-Do

  1. This is my go-to hairdo for anything regency/victorian I’m doing. 😀 I usually don’t do a very elaborate bun, as my hair is hidden in a bonnet for the most part, but your tips on the curled front sections are very helpful!

  2. You have such great tutorials! I have naturally straight hair, however. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how people would curl their hair with rags.

    • Hi Mergina!! Thank you for your comment!! At the moment I’m not planning on doing any tutorials about curling, maybe in the future though 😉 You could try Googling How to curl your hair with rags. I’m sure some great results will come up. I hope this helps and thanks so much again!! Samantha

  3. I just discovered your blog, and I love it! I hope there will be more tutorials to come! I tried out the Gibson Tuck and got tons of compliments! I’ll absolutely be experimenting with more

  4. What type/size curling iron did you use for this? I’m in production for a show that requires me to have curls like this framing my face!

  5. This is a wonderful tutorial! I am playing Lizzie Bennett in our school’s production of Pride and Prejudice and I have been looking everywhere for a great hair tutorial like this one, this helps so much!! And it’s so close to the hair for the BBC series. Thank you 🙂

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