Late Victorian Triple Braided Tuck

This tutorial is for a Late Victorian Braided Tuck Hairstyle. I hope you’ll try it!


Let’s begin


Step one ~ Part the front section of your hair beginning from behind your ears to the top of your head on both sides, then tie them out of the way for now.


Step two ~ Tie your hair in a low mid pony tail.


Step three ~ Pull the hair tie along with the pony tail up to the center of your head.


Step four ~ Part a hole above the hair tie.




Step five ~ Make a flip through by pulling your pony tail over and tucking it in to the hole you made before, then tighten it.


Step six ~ With the remaining hair divide it into three braids.




Step seven ~ Grab the front sections then twist them a little,  pin them at the back of your head near the tuck. Tuck the ends in the gap of your flip through.




Step eight ~ Tie your three braids together at the ends,  flip them over and tuck the ends into your tuck then pin it.


Yay! Your done. All you need now is a hair clip 🙂



And don’t  forget your mini top hat 😉


Jolly good!


11 thoughts on “Late Victorian Triple Braided Tuck

  1. I did this one, minus the braids, I just tucked my hair in, and instead of letting it come out underneath I tucked it all in the bun. I used a hairclip to keep the two strands from the front inside the tuck. It looks very good too!

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  3. I’m in the school production of Pygmalion as Clara and this is the hair I’m going to get! I’m so excited; it is so gorgeous! ^.^

  4. I enjoy wearing Amish dresses (making them to where they look more like a prairie dress, 1800s) and this hairstyle is my favorite that would look great with them! Hoping to try this one out soon…can’t wait!

  5. so funny thing happened. I tried this hair style….. and discovered that my hair is a bit to long for this. never thought that would happen lol.

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  7. This tutorial was just what I needed to create the perfect hairdo for my daughter. She is Mrs. Candlewick in A Christmas Carol, and with her head of thick curly hair, we did not know what to do. She wore this style to rehearsal today, and the directors were very pleased. Thank you!

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